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Introducing Webhooks

We’re really excited to announce the launch of webhooks to Chec and Commerce.js. Webhooks allow you to configure callback URLs and subscribe them to various events in the Chec Dashboard. We’ll then notify your callback URLs as these events happen, including the API response from the call that triggered the event.

Using webhooks opens up possibilities for how you can extend your implementation of Chec and Commerce.js to further suit your business needs.

With webhooks, it’s possible to; monitor changes in your data, notify one of your teams when new orders arrive, or when a product is deleted, create discount codes when orders are placed over $100, or anything else you can think of.

How Webhooks work with Commerce.js and the Chec Dashboard

Head over to the Settings > Webhooks section of the Chec Dashboard. From here you can start by adding a new webhook— select your subscribed events and provide Chec with your webhook callback URL. Build your callback handler, and you’re ready to go.

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When might you use webhooks?

Webhooks enable you to extend functionality that may not apply directly to Chec. If you require custom business logic to occur once a customer places an order, a new product is added, or a gift card is issued, then webhooks are here to support you.

A few examples we’ve seen customers build;

  • Sync to Algolia when products are added or updated
  • Notify customers when an order is dispatched via SMS (Twilio) or email (SendGrid)
  • Redeploy your store when products are created, updated, or deleted
  • Create and send next order discount code on fulfilment
  • Notify your team on Slack of any new orders

What’s next for webhooks?

We’re going to be adding Chec as an integration option on Zapier in the coming weeks. Zapier lets you connect and automate your workflows, and has more than 2,000 apps in their ecosystem already.

Using Zapier will make connecting your Chec data to external services via webhooks a breeze.

We’re always looking for feedback on all of our commerce APIs, but we’re extremely excited to hear more about what you plan on using Webhooks for, and if you’re already using them, let us know how!

As always, if anything appears unusual when working with webhooks, please reach out to our support team.

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