A developer-first eCommerce platform

We handle the complex eCommerce logic, so you can focus on the integration.

eCommerce development just got easier

Commerce.js SDK and the Chec API let you do what other platforms don't.


Full control

Build fully customised, A/B test checkout variations supported by our eCommerce logic layer.


Development freedom

Develop eCommerce experiences in the languages and frameworks you know and love.


Iterate and ship faster

Deploy and manage updates quickly. Access and store your eCommerce codebase wherever you want.

Start building for free

An API built around the complete eCommerce lifecycle

Granular control for every phase of the checkout.

// List categories

// List products

// Add item to the cart
Commerce.carts.add('{product_id}', {quantity});

// Get the contents of a cart & the totals

// Generate a checkout token

Endpoints that let you quickly create storefronts and rich product displays

Rapidly create and iterate on a variety of different storefront designs and concepts with our "before checkout" endpoints.

Commerce.js is lightweight and works with any front-end stack, from React/Vue to jQuery, and is perfect for hosting on static providers like Zeit or Netlify.

Full control from storefront to receipt

There are no walled environments when developing with Commerce.js. Instead, you've got complete control over the look, feel and behaviour of the entire checkout process.

Create truly unique solutions for web, mobile, VR and IOT.

Example storefront


Get started in minutes

Setup, install, authenticate

We've made it simple to get started with Commerce.js and Chec. Follow our API documentation and start selling in minutes.

Add your CSS and Javascript

Customize the look and feel of your checkout flows and all payment related components.

Extend experience

You immediately get access to all platform features. Build on top of Commerce.js and extend the functionality however you like.


Stay in the loop

Updates on releases, integration resources and maintenance.


Why we created Commerce.js and Chec

Being developers and designers ourselves, we were tired of using eCommerce platforms that were rigid, bloated and complex to work with. We didn’t like that custom eCommerce design and development was only for big brands and enterprise developers.

So here we are, we're creating modern tools for developers of all experience levels and businesses of all sizes.

The design and structure of our APIs are constantly being tested and critiqued by our own hosted checkouts and product displays on the Chec Platform. This keeps us on the ground level with you as we build our SDKs and APIs and you build next generation commerce experiences.

Join us on Slack with other eCommerce developers and designers.