Contribute to the Commerce Community

Join developers from all over the world and make eCommerce development ! If you're curious about contributing to the Chec/Commerce.js ecosystem, below are some guides to help you get started!

Commerce.js SDK

We believe open source developer tools and strong documentation is a collaborative effort. We welcome all contributions to the Commerce.js SDK source code and documentation from the community, be it small or big.

SDK source contributions

Contributions and suggestions to the Commerce.js SDK source are more than welcome. We recommend starting with:

  • Contributing to any open issues
  • Raising an issue for a bug you've spotted
  • Logging an enhancement you'd like to suggest

If you're proposing a new feature, please raise an issue outlining your suggestion first. Our development team and maintainers will always review the issue before it can be implemented.

Make a contribution to the Commerce.js SDK.

SDK documentation contributions

Documentation source contributions will require basic knowledge of markdown formatting and styling.

The source code for the SDK documentation module resides in commerce.js/docs. The docs source is fetched and added to a root directory in the Commerce.js website. See here for a guide on contributing to the documentation.

Community guides

Are you learning to code? Do you like helping others understand web development concepts? Are you good at communicating your ideas with clean code and clear writing?

We want to hear from you!

If you've created a project that uses Commerce.js, written an integration guide or created a developer resource, let us know and we'll post your work and send you some SWAG!

We love celebrating projects and content that help developers grasp web-development concepts and ways to use the Commerce.js SDK.

How to submit your community content

Follow the steps below to submit your idea, project, integration article.

  1. Checkout how to format of your guide or content with these template examples.
  2. Host your project's source code and technical guide on a source control like GitHub. Commit your project and your written guide or tutorial in the README to your GitHub account.
  3. Use the form below to share your publicly accessible repository with us.
  4. When we receive your project and written guide or tutorial, we will review it according to our editorial standards and guidelines. We will then notify you when your project is scheduled to be published!

Want to contribute to the Commerce community?

Have an idea or project you've built with Commerce.js? Submit your idea to us below!