Celebrate Hacktoberfest with Commerce.js!

For the month of October, we’ll be celebrating open source software by participating in Hacktoberfest! With many of our products and resources being open source, it only makes sense that we support and encourage contributions from the community.

Plus— we’re giving away free SWAG for contributions!

Visit the official Hacktoberfest site

How to participate?

Ways to contribute

Whether you are a seasoned open source contributor or wanting to contribute to the open source community for the first time, Commerce.js is a great project to contribute to because of the low-barrier to entry ecosystem and tools while being able to learn all about commerce APIs. You can tackle a list of carefully curated issues, prepared especially for Hacktoberfest. Contributing to Commerce.js is an easy way to complete the Hacktoberfest challenge!

Join our community on slack to chat open source, for FAQs or ask us any questions you have! Be sure to also tweet us when you've made your pull request!
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