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Storefront to receipt APIs

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Products API

Requests to the products endpoint will return the full product data object with properties such as the name, description, price, variants of the product, and extra fields.

Cart API

Store line item data, metadata, and calculate cart totals for the customer's session. Use the cart ID to generate a checkout token and capture the order.

Checkout API

A checkout captures data sent from the cart along with the item information, line item IDs, any shipping or billing information as well as tax and shipping rates.

Discounts API

Create discounts for products and checkouts programmatically. Set start dates and expiry dates, and choose between $ or % based discounts.

Categories API

Group your products with infinitely nestable categories. Get a specific category by its ID. Products can be associated with more than one category.

Orders API

Returns orders placed on your account. Send order data to other sources to view and process. Search orders with a free-text query filter.

Customers API

The customers endpoint accepts an email argument which is used to resolve a customer in your account and send them a one-click login email.

Giftcards API

Sell giftcards of any $ value, to be used as payment towards future orders. Include giftcards as stand alone products or as upsells in your cart.

Merchants API

Interact with your merchant accounts at the API level. Programmatically configure and automate all data associated with your merchant accounts.

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