Full-stack eCommerce API for developers & designers.

Rapidly build beautiful eCommerce experiences on web and mobile. With support for everything including cart, checkout, fulfillment, live tax rates, and fraud protection.

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Full-stack eCommerce

We’ve got the whole stack covered, all the way down to live tax rates.

Rapid integration

Integrate an eCommerce solution that fits around your design & code.

Modular by design

Fits any use case. Made possible by Chec’s unique building block platform.

Powerful merchant dashboard

We’ve built a powerful eCommerce dashboard, so you dont have to.

Commerce.js is built on top of, and used by Chec.

Rapidly create beautiful eCommerce experiences

Build and ship faster with Commerce.js.

Get started with only a few lines of code - Commerce.js fits around your code and design, unlike other solutions such as Shopify. No themes to modify or walled environments forcing you to change your design and code.

Commerce.js gives you 100% design control, right down to the receipt and integrates in a fraction of the time.

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  //Authenticate Commerce.js & turn on the console debugger
  var myStore = new Commerce('{public_api_key}', true);

  //Create a checkout token
  myStore.Checkout.generateToken('{identifier}', '{identifier_type}',

      function(resp) {

          //Enable fraud protection

          /*Build your checkout


Built-in fulfillment

Shipping and delivery support for physical and digital goods.

We’ve built all the fulfillment features you might need, and none that you don’t. Protect digital downloads with access windows and access links that expire after a certain date or # of attempts.

Coming soon - live-shipping rates, license key generation & custom web hook data.

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Helper functions, to handle all the tedious checkout logic & checks for you

Is this quantity/discount code valid? Is this variant available? What's the current total?

We created Commerce.js to handle all common eCommerce logic. Helper functions help you make common eCommerce calls during the checkout.

Here are a few examples;

  • Generate client side validation rules for jQuery
  • Get the buyers location from an ip address
  • Check if a requested variant, quantity, or shipping option is available
  • Retrieving running totals for a checkout (i.e. subtotals, shipping totals, & tax)
  • Set a new tax zone for the checkout when the customer changes their shipping address

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   //Generate client side validation rules for jQuery
   Commerce.Checkout.helperValidation('{token_id}', callback);

   //Get the buyers location from an ip address
   Commerce.Checkout.getLocationFromIP('{token_id}', callback);

   //Check if a quantity is available
   Commerce.Checkout.checkQuantity('{token_id}', '{line_item_id}', '{amount}',

   //Did the customer enter a valid pay what you want price?
   Commerce.Checkout.checkPayWhatYouWant('{token_id}', '{price}', callback);

   //Get the running totals for this checkout
   Commerce.Checkout.getLive('{token_id}', callback);

   //Set a new tax zone for this order and recalculate totals
        'country': "{country}",
        'region': "{region}",
        'postal_zip_code': "{postal_zip_code}",
    }, callback);


Tax Support

Automatically calculate, collect and record sales taxes.

Commerce.js has built-in support for different tax types, including auto US sales tax, EU VAT MOSS and regional tax rates.

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A backend dashboard designed for merchants

We've create a beautiful merchant dashboard, so you don't have to.

Handle everything through Chec’s beautiful merchant dashboard. Merchants can add products, view orders, enable new payment gateways and see fraud reports for orders.

Our merchant dashboard is constantly evolving and is designed to evolve with merchants as they grow.

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Integrated with modern payment processors

Accept credit, debit cards, and more.

Commerce.js integrates seamlessly with Stripe and PayPal. We are actively working on integrating with more payment gateways and payment types.

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Built-in fraud protection

Standard for all merchants. Powered by Sift Science.

We've integrated SiftScience into Commerce.js, which checks each order for 5k+ fraud signals and provides a fraud score for each order.

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Simple pricing

Commerce.js is 100% free to use with Chec, no rate limits, you only pay Chec's fees.

Commerce.js is a full-stack eCommerce API
powered by Chec.

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