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Funding Announcement 2020

We’re very excited to announce that Commerce.js has raised a $1.72M round of funding led by Initialized Capital & Global Founders Capital, with support from Correlation Ventures, Palm Drive, AVG Basecamp, AngelPad, Raphael Danilo, Jackson Gates and Stephen Blum.

Commerce.js is a headless eCommerce platform that lets developers create custom eCommerce stores, checkouts, and apps, incredibly quickly. Developers can ship fully custom eCommerce projects (from the storefront to the receipt) in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

Alright, let’s do this!

We’ve spent the last few years building, iterating and listening to our customers, and those developers using the Commerce.js SDK for projects.

In that time, we’ve seen how creative eCommerce businesses can be in reaching new markets and moving quickly when they use flexible, developer-first platforms and tools.

We’ve seen how platforms like Stripe, Twilio, Contentful and Scale have addressed developer pain points with a bottom-up, developer-first approach. We’re doing the same for eCommerce. We believe custom eCommerce development shouldn't just be for experienced enterprise developers and big businesses, but should include developers of all experience levels and businesses of all sizes.

We’re creating an eCommerce logic layer for the web, so developers and designers can quickly spin up unique purchasing experiences for their clients and businesses.

Welcoming all eCommerce developers

In the early 2000s, selling goods direct to consumer was difficult. The eCommerce platform and Content Management System emerged as an all-in-one solution to take existing retail stores online.

Now in 2020, the landscape for starting a business has changed once again, where the majority of businesses start online and then go on to open physical retail locations. The tools required to build these digitally native eCommerce businesses have also changed. Instead of a monolithic eCommerce platform that makes strong assumptions about your business and development environment, Commerce.js sits neatly in your stack to deliver pure eCommerce logic, where and when you need it.

We are working with businesses and developers who are choosing to assemble a modern stack, composed of purpose-built, headless/serverless platforms for each capability: search, personalization, experimentation, analytics, content … and of course, commerce.

Commerce.js makes it easy for developers to display and sell products across any platform or device, without the constraints of a monolithic, pre-packaged, and opinionated solution.

With Commerce.js, we’re building an expansive, well documented, intuitive API that is a pleasure to develop with. We're set on making custom eCommerce development more accessible to web developers and business.

The last few months have been working towards this release. We have a number of powerful improvements to the platform that we think are pretty exciting:

  • Improved SDK and API documentation
  • [Community Resources](https://commercejs.com/docs/community/"Community resources and guides") and examples for integrations to help developers get started faster
  • CLI tools so developers can create and maintain projects right from the command line
  • Improved log streaming
  • Enhanced API performance for faster transactions
  • Updates to the Chec Dashboard for a cleaner, more insightful admin experience
  • New pricing tiers. We now have additional 0% and custom pricing plans. It’s still free to use until you start making sales 🙂

You see our full release notes here.

We’ll be going into more detail about some of these improvements in the coming months. If you’d like to get updates on our developments, please sign up for updates.

Community and Team

We are now operating out of Vancouver, BC. Having expanded our team, we're now lazer focused on developing the platform and supporting new businesses who are powered by our eCommerce API.

If you’d like to join our community of developers and designers who are changing the face of eCommerce development, please get involved on our community Slack channel.

Shout outs!

We would like to thank all of our early customers, developers, friends, and family who have helped us along this far, we’re just getting started and can’t wait to make Commerce.js the default for eCommerce development on the web.

From the team here at Commerce.js,

Cheers and happy 2020!

Commerce.js team