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How Leon & George started and scaled with Commerce.js

Back in 2016, San Francisco based Leon & George were one of the first businesses to adopt Commerce.js.

Since making their first sale through Commerce.js, Leon & George have now expanded to ship nationwide in the US, opened physical showroom stores, have launched a French storefront, and have made thousands of plant loving customers happy with their premium products and experiences.

Leon & George eCommerce website


Why did the founders of Leon & George choose to start their business with Commerce.js?

Time to live: Created a MVP for their business in just a few hours using the Commerce.js SDK. Fully integrated the Chec API in just 3 days.

Tech Agnostic: With the freedom to implement into any frontend or device, they eliminated the risk of being locked into early tech decisions that were made.

Creative Control: With complete creative control over the look and feel of their storefront, cart, checkout and receipt, they were able to stand out as a premium brand.

A/B testing: Quickly built, deployed and tested different checkout designs and flows to see what resonated with their customers and increased TOV. Optimizing checkout conversions early. More on A/B testing checkouts.

Key Features: Discount codes, gift cards, and webhooks allowed L&G drive revenue and automate early. Automatic tax handling allowed them to easily handle business reporting and accounting.

Scaling up

Scaling a business is tough. How has Leon & George leveraged Commerce.js to succeeded during their growth phase?

Lean development team: L&G have been able to efficiently grow the business without hiring more developers to maintain their eCommerce infrastructure.

Webhooks: Leon & George trigger a chain of events, fired by each order. For example, all orders are pushed to their internal system to then be assigned to a specified fulfilment center. Read about our webhooks.

Custom features: Freedom to build abandon shopping cart functionality, cart up-sells, and 3rd party integrations.

Custom dashboard: Created their own inventory dashboard that displays order and inventory data in a unique and meaningful way, specific to their business and operational needs.

Product view of Leon & George plants


With new frontiers to conquer, how has Leon & George been able to quickly action ideas with Commerce.js and Chec?

Custom POS system: Built a custom Point-Of-Sale system using Commerce.js, Apple Pay and an iPad to facilitate sales in their physical showroom locations.

Referral Program: Using the Chec API to generate custom discount codes, feeding them into a referral engine.

International growth: Launched Leon & George in France in a few days by duplicating code and changing language to French.

From the Leon & George team

We’re doing some really powerful integrations with Commerce.js and Chec that we wouldn’t be able to do using something like Shopify. It’s been effortless to work with and we’re doing a lot with still a relatively small team.” - Ron Radu, co-founder at Leon & George

Head over to Leon & George and check out out their beautiful selection of plants and home decor accessories.

Leon & George

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