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What makes a checkout headless?

A decoupled order and payment form that can be configured to look and behave exactly how you need it, enabling deep personalization where it matters the most.

Unlike your traditional static checkout, a headless checkout can have multiple variations, be implemented into any customer facing experience, and leverage best-in-class services.

Why Commerce.js?

Experience control

Single page, multi-step, background colors, animations, CTA buttons, cart summary. Every single aspect of your conversion experience can be controlled.


Processing power

Commerce.js has an API-first approach to commerce, making your experiences fast to load, easy to update, and seamless when converting customers.

Integration freedom

Checkout integrations for shipping, tax, address verification, identity, payments and more. Make your payment and order forms work for you.

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Benefits of headless

Checkout API icon


Choose what data to collect from customers at the checkout. Design the look and feel of your payment form.

hybrid commerce

Lives anywhere

Place a headless checkout where you want customers to buy. Blogs, product pages, mobile apps, link from social or campaign sites.

Fast eCommerce for developers


Create a checkout specifically for your business and use case. Optimize conversion rate with A/B testing.

Boost conversions

Place checkout closer to your customers.