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For developers & small businesses starting out with Commerce.js.

  • 3% transaction fee

  • 1 live Commerce Ray

  • No monthly revenue ceiling

  • Full API access

  • Unlimited products

  • Unlimited webhooks

  • Physical and digital products

  • In-app support

Flexible pricing for growing businesses

No contracts, freely scale up and down depending on your needs.

No trial periods, just our monthly $ or % transaction fee.


$79.00 / month

3 Commerce Rays

Full API access

1.5% overage fee

$10,000.00 monthly ceiling

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$349.00 / month

Unlimited Commerce Rays

Shopify integration

Full API access

1% overage fee

$50,000.00 monthly ceiling

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$799.00 / month

Unlimited Commerce Rays

Custom Ray themes

Shopify integration

Full API access

0.5% overage fee

$100,000.00 monthly ceiling

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Commerce Rays

The only no-code visual builder for Commerce. Sell physical and digital products with customizable themes, all powered by our world class commerce APIs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Commerce.js pricing and possibilities.

How does pricing work?

Depending on the pricing tier you select, we charge a transaction fee on your sales or a monthly fee (Pro, Rise, Growth). Fees are charged monthly or when your accrued fees exceed $200. Payment is made by adding a billable card to your account. Our pricing does not include payment gateway fees.

What happens when I hit my monthly revenue ceiling?

When you reach the sales limit for your chosen plan, you will be charged the overage % fee for every transaction over the plan ceiling until the month's end. Eg On the Growth Plan (revenue ceiling $100k), if you made $120k sales in that month, you'd only pay 0.5% on the additional $20k ($100) on top of the $799, totalling $899 billed for the month. The overage fees are as follows; Pro 1.5%, Rise - 1%, Growth - 0.5%

What rate limits does my account come with?

Our API employs rates limits to protect against bursts of incoming traffic to help maximize API performance for all businesses using our infrastructure. All accounts have a default rate limit of 270 requests per minute. You can increase this rate limit by contacting us directly.

What are Commerce Rays?

Commerce rays are marketing landing pages with checkouts built into the page. There are several themes to choose from that can be customized with our no-code visual builder. Standard plans can publish 1 Ray, Pro plans can publish a maximum of 3 Ray, with Rise and Growth plans able to publish unlimited Rays and integrate orders with Shopify.

What's the difference between Commerce.js and Chec?

Chec is the name of our eCommerce logic layer and dashboard product (Chec Dashboard). Commerce.js is our flagship JavaScript SDK for developers and designers to build custom eCommerce.

Is Chec/Commerce.js a payment gateway?

We are not a payment gateway. We focus on eCommerce functionality specifically. We have several payment gateways pre-integrated as well as a manual gateway you can use to BYO gateway.

Does Commerce.js work with my existing CMS or frontend framework?

Yes, we built Commerce.js so it can be integrated anywhere. Any frontend framework, any CMS, any smart device. Check out our documentation for guides and community articles using different technologies and frontend frameworks.

Is custom pricing available?

Yes, we have custom pricing plans available for those business who are processing high sales volumes, or who are a non profit/charity. Please get in touch.

Do you provide dedicated support?

All accounts come with standard in-app support. We have several support plans available for those businesses who require dedicated support. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Non-Profits and Charities

Discounted plans for non-profits and charitable trusts. Get in touch to tell us more about your project.

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Connect and collaborate with the best. For expert help with branding, strategy, design or development, our agency partners excel at elevating and amplifying your commerce presence.

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