Products API

Store and request product data for your frontend experience.

API level control of your product catalog.

Brands using our APIs

Ultimate product data control

modular eCommerce

Display products anywhere

Display products on any frontend framework, device or channel, all from the same backend. A centralized product repository to create rich product experiences, anywhere your customers are.

Use our API to:

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Product data integrations

Seamlessly integrate services that enhance your product handling. Pull product data in to your account from external services, push product data out to personalization and automation services.

Integrate your product data with:

  • Your PIM
  • Custom search provider
  • Your ERP
  • Your POS
  • Your operations network
  • Your automation tools

Configure product data

Extend your product model using the attributes API. Store any type of data against your product such as an external ID from a PIM, custom input fields from a CMS, or data from a fulfillment center.

Product data API commerce

Manage and track inventory

Set product stock levels with our backend, or connect to your PIM and track from there.


Powerful variant handling

Set variant groups like size and color all with variant options like red,blue and small, large. Add product images at the variant level.

Variants api

Integrate alongside a headless CMS

In addition to the name and price, both required to create a product, use a headless CMS to supplement product data such as assets and descriptions.

Products API with CMS

Sell physical and digital products

Pair physical products with a digital downloads. Set download limits, access windows, and more.

Physical and digital products

Make your products discoverable

Define related products in your catalog, set SEO tags for each product, and seed product data into a custom search provider.

discoverable products

"We've perfected a product discovery and purchasing experience that is only possible with Commerce.js."


Product APIs for the whole team

Developer experience for commerce


Pull in product data from any source, augment it and display on any frontend.

  • Backend configurability
  • Frontend freedom
  • Manage from our CLI
Fast eCommerce for developers


Dynamically display and recommended products based on unique customer attributes.

  • Product personalization
  • Localize product displays
  • No-code interface
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Streamline your product data in real time and give your customers the best experience.

  • Automate product syncing
  • Integrate with PIM
  • Measure performance

Dashboard management

More than just a products API, our dashboard interface makes it easy for anyone in the team to add, update and delete products as needed.


Powerful Commerce APIs

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Cart API

Store product data, product variants, quantity, price, and other metadata to generate a checkout token and capture an order from your customer.

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Checkout API

Capture data sent from the cart along with line item data, line item IDs, any shipping or billing information as well as tax and shipping rates.