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Build fast, responsive commerce experiences with Nuxt.js and Commerce.js.

Nuxt.js eCommerce for developers

Why build a Nuxt commerce application?

Fast eCommerce for developers


Launch frontend experiences quickly and run experiments easily. Modular frontend development for commerce.

modular eCommerce


Choose from over 50 modules to make your development faster and easier when building eCommerce websites.



Nuxt delivers a superior developer experience, making your project pleasant to build and maintain.

Commerce built for Nuxt

An elegant SDK loved by Vue developers

With our rich feature set at your fingertips, power your Nuxt.js commerce application in minutes. Our helper endpoints bring clarity to your integration, helping you to easily create lightning fast Nuxt.js commerce experiences for any frontend.

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Quickstart your project with our Vue boilerplate

Deploy a Vue Commerce demo store with cart and checkout.

Vue Commerce

Build a Nuxt commerce application

Follow our step by step guide on how to build a Nuxt commerce application from scratch. Build a custom Nuxt powered commerce application from storefront to receipt.

Nuxt JS integration guide for commerce

Join the Commerce.js community

Collaborate with 1,000+ commerce developers from around the world.

What is Commerce.js?

Headless. Powerful. Composable.

An eCommerce backend for storing product data, creating carts, building checkouts, managing orders, and processing customers.

Integrate our SDK and suite of APIs with any frontend tool or backend service.

Headless Commerce API (dark)

Engineer your commerce for any frontend

Leverage our commerce APIs built for the modern web.