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Businesses: Sell creatively.

Developers: Integrate quickly.

Headless commerce API light

1. Setup your account

Create a free account and start adding products.

Product list + Dashboard@2x

2. Start selling

Sell physical and digital products in 135+ currencies with our hosted storefronts, pages, and checkouts. Customize with your developer.

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For developers

Install, integrate, and extend your commerce.

1. Install and authenticate

Simply npm install or yarn add @chec/commerce.js. Then create a new Commerce instance and add your public API key.

2. List your products

List and retrieve products and categories from your account and display them on any frontend.

3. Create a cart

Store product data, product variants, quantity, price, and other metadata to generate a checkout.

4. Create a checkout

Build custom checkouts and integrations. Our built-in checkout helpers guide you through the integration, making the checkout implementation approachable and fast.

5. Extend and experiment

Now you can integrate commerce anywhere. Design and implement any experience or integration that comes to mind.

Welcome to the new way of building eCommerce.


APIs for Commerce

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Products API

Store and request product data from any source to display on your frontend. Supports complex variants, physical products, and digital products.

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Cart API

Store product data, product variants, quantity, price, and other metadata to generate a checkout token and capture an order from your customer.

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Checkout API

Capture data sent from the cart along with line item data, line item IDs, any shipping or billing information as well as tax and shipping rates.

Open source starter kit for commerce

Built with Commerce.js, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Stripe Elements, with one-click deploy to Vercel.


A better way to build and scale your commerce

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