Commerce.js features

Full-stack commerce capabilities for next generation businesses and creative developers.

Headless commerce API light
One click integrations with


Purpose-built for developers who build and scale eCommerce businesses.

Commerce APIs

Create eCommerce experiences rapidly on web and mobile with our suite of powerful APIs.


Configure callback URLs and subscribe them to various events in the Chec Dashboard.


NPM install @chec/cli from the command line. Launch demos, call APIs, fetch and stream logs.

Checkout helpers

Integration helpers that assist with common eCommerce calls made during the checkout.

Enterprise CDN

Serve all your eCommerce components with ease, using our distributed CDN.

Static site ready

Offload all the grunt work to us and create static websites powered by Commerce.js.


With the designer in mind, the freedom to create the best purchasing experiences for customers.

Front-end freedom

Use the front-end technology you want to create your desired eCommerce experience.

Design customization

Fork and build ontop of our open source storefronts, or design and build your own from scratch.

Decoupled front-end

Incrementally optimize the frontend and the backend of your eCommerce at your own pace.


Sell physical or digital products with API level control.

Physical or digital

Sell both physical and digital product types in the same cart and checkout.

Custom data

The freedom to collect additional data from your customer and their purchasing session.

PWYW pricing

Set a minimum price and let your customers decide how much they want to pay.

Related products

Set relationships between your products so customers can browse products easily or can add cart upsells.


Group similar products together in collections and categories. Build product recommendations and cart upsells easily.

Discount codes

Set percentage or fixed rate discounts. Customize expiry dates and uses for all items or selected products.

Extra fields

Create your own data fields to collect during the checkout. Make them required or optional for the customer.


Sizes, colors, shapes, add ons. Set the price and quantity for each of your variants. Add as many options as you want.

Order management

Manage order details, products, fulfillment, receipts, refunds, and customers through our admin dashboard.


Built-in digital fulfillment and support for physical fulfillment.

Shipping zones

Ship your products anywhere. Set global shipping zones, down to the state/province/regional level.

In store pickup

Give customers the option to pay on pick up in store, or pay now and curbside pickup.

Carrier tracking

Control the fulfillment tracking process by integrating with any carrier.

Digital delivery

Upload multiple digital files for delivery. Music, videos, eBooks, and more (up to 4GB per file).

Digital access windows

Set access windows for digital goods, e.g. download links expire in 2 days and can be used 3 times.

Multiple fulfilment types

Pair multiple fulfillment types together, e.g. set a download and set physical shipping options.


Track the performance of your business sales, orders and customers.

Business overview

Quickly view your sales performance MoM, orders made and top performing products.

Data export

Export data in CSV format to share with your accounts team and analyze with other tools.

Developer logs

View sucessful and failed API requests of your integration from our developer dashboard.


Out of the box integrations or bring your own gateway.

Third-party gateways

Connect with Stripe, Square, Braintree, Omise, PayPal or Razorpay in one click.

BYO gateway

Integrate your local payment gateway with our manual gateway integration.

Currency support

Support for over 135+ major currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, NZD, JPY, SEK, AUD.

Global sales tax

Global sales tax support with alternative rates for digital goods. Set tax rates at the regional level.

Auto US sales tax

Automated US sales tax support with destination and origin-based state support.


We calculate VAT (using live rates) for your EU customers, collecting and validating evidence for you.

The flexiblity to innovate

Use our infrastructure to build the business you want, without the limitations of a traditional platform. Choose what APIs and functionality you need, and start building.

Merchants contextual

Sell without limitations

Lead the pack with API-first commerce.